Femoral Nerve Indications

Regional Anesthesia

  • Anterior Thigh, Medial Lower leg surgery
  • Knee Surgery 
  • BKA

Pain Management

  • Anterior Thigh, Medial Lower leg pain
  • Peripheral Stimulation Trial/Implant
  • Femoral Neuralgia
  • Knee pain

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Femoral Nerve Block

  • Lies deep to the ileopectineal arch, and overlying the groove between the iliac and psoas muscles
  • 2 layers of fascia beneath the skin (superficially the fascia lata and deeper the iliacus fascia). 

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Locating the Femoral Nerve

  • First locate the femoral artery and vein and then examine the space lateral to the artery
  • Nerve- a roundish or oblong, bright (echo-dense) structure when viewed transversely with ultrasound
  • May contain bright dots which represent the nerve fascicles it holds inside

Femoral Nerve Block


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