Genito Femoral Nerve

  • Arises from the lumbar plexus. 
  • It supplies sensation to the skin of the anterior scrotal area in males, mons pubis in females, and the upper segment of the anterior thigh in both males and females.
  •  While distinct from the femoral nerve, the genitofemoral nerve originates from the upper lumbar segments L1-L2.

Genitofemoral Nerve

  •  It then descends inferiorly, piercing the psoas major muscle before emerging on its anterior surface. 
  • The nerve then traverses the retroperitoneum, descending over the anterior surface of the psoas muscle. 

Genito Femoral Nerve

  • The nerve continues inferiorly ultimately separating into two divisions- the femoral and the genital branches. 
  • As the genitofemoral nerve reaches the groin area, it enters the deep inguinal ring coursing through the inguinal canal.

Genitofemoral neuralgia

  • A common source of neuropathic pain that is incapacitating in nature is genitofemoral neuralgia. 
  • It is distinguished by persistent, localized neuropathic groin pain that runs parallel to the genitofemoral nerve's distribution. 
  • A burning sensation that extends from the lower belly to the medial portion of the thigh is one of the symptoms, along with groin pain and paresthesias.
  • Iatrogenic nerve damage that occurs during inguinal and femoral herniorrhaphy  has been linked to genitofemoral neuropathy.

Genitofemoral Nerve Block


  • Management of groin pain, inguinal pain, pelvic pain, suprapubic pain, and/or vaginal or penile pain
  • Inguinal herniorrhaphy
  • Saphenous vein stripping
  • Genitofemoral neuralgia

Genitofemoral nerve block

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