Occipital Nerve Block


  • Occipital Headache
    • Pain radiates from occiput anteriorly-secondary to compression as nerve exits (fibrosis, muscle spasm etc.)
  • Occipital Neuralgia
    • Pain radiates from the greater occipital nerve, lesser occipital nerve, third occipital nerves, or a combination of the three

Clinical Significance

  • Patients of all ages frequently report  headaches, which is a typical clinical complaint in many medical specialties. The condition is often burdensome, can impair  quality of life for patients, and is linked to a significant socioeconomic burden
  • When treating both acute and persistent headaches, the greater occipital nerve block is a useful therapeutic option. Even for individuals with various comorbidities

Locating the Occipital Nerve

  • Locate Atlas, then Axis
  • C2 bifid spinous process
  • Locate Obliquis Capitis Inferior Muscle
  • Lamina of Axis and Transverse Process of Atlas
  • Greater Occipital nerve hyper echoic above Obliquis Capitis muscle
  • CPT 64405 76942


  • Patient refusal
  • Anesthetic allergy
  • Open skull defect
  • Infection

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